Our Curriculums

We believe that every disabled child and young person, and those with SEN, should have access to high quality activities. Our programmes are designed to help the students to develop their skills, find out about themselves, and have fun. Class sizes have a maximum of four people and will receive individual support from a teacher and teaching assistant. 
Musical Therapy

Music is a great confidence-booster. The students will be encouraged to make and listen to music that will help them to be engaged and relaxed.

Instruments: keyboard, violin, guitar, recorder and drums.

Main Outcome: Health


According to each student needs, our students will be encouraged to do light workouts.


Main Outcome: Health

Arts & Craft

The students will be encouraged to express their feeling through painting, photography, modelling and jewellery.




Main Outcome: Health

PSHE – Personal & Social Health Education

The goal of this course is to equip our students with the knowledge, understanding, attitudes and practical skills to live healthy, safely and maintaining personal hygiene.


Main Outcome: Health

Yoga & Relaxation Class

Yoga can be beneficial for individuals with disabilities or chronic health conditions through both the physical postures and breathwork.


Main Outcome: Health

SPA Session

Pampering session with hairstyling, braids, manicure and also foot and shoulder massage.


Main Outcome: Health

Science/Sexual Health

People with disabilities can be sexual and express their sexuality in ways that are as diverse as everyone else. Learning styles will be well-positioned to support the students in how much sexuality information they will receive.

Main Outcome: Health

Drama Skills

Students will become aware of the capacity of their bodies, which can open up new forms of expression, discover their talents and gain confidence.



Main Outcome: Friendship

Karaoke Session

The students will be able to sing their hearts out with their favourite song.



Main Outcome: Friendship


In this class, the students will be able to spend their time playing games whilst they are still learning.


Main Outcome: Friendship

Dance Therapy

Our aim is to unlock individual potential and ability by giving participants space to make their own choices and take ownership of what they achieve. Zumba dance is included in this activity.


Main Outcome: Friendship

Speech and Language

The students will be studying how to appropriately read, spell, and write. They will be able to learn words to songs and rhymes, new vocabulary, reading and comprehend materials.



Main Outcome: Education

Reading – Shared Attention

Our students will be able to listen a story read by a professional while they create their own visualizations of the story.


Main Outcome: Education

Computing Skills

Our students will learn internet safety, how to use software and websites. Alternative equipment can be used such as: Ipad, tablets, and mobile phones.



Main Outcome: Education


This class is aim to improve numeracy education for students with learning disabilities. Material: Number-Shark, Typer-Shark.


Main Outcome: Education


The students will develop all the skills needed for successful everyday communication in English: reading, listening, speaking and writing skills. Material: Word-Shark.


Main Outcome: Education

Off-Site Learning
Skills for Independence

Depending on student’s current capabilities, this class will provide suggestions for encouraging higher levels of independence in areas across people, places, and situations such as: shopping, cleaning, budgeting, travelling and road safety and also tenancy management.


Main Outcome: Independent Living

Cooking Class

Our students will learn culinary life skills from the first steps.


Heathy eating using simple fresh ingredients to make healthy balanced meals.

Main Outcome: Independent Living

Work Experience

Work experience can provide a great boost in confidence for someone with a learning disability, it's also a vital step on the road to finding paid employment in various sectors such as: supermarket, DIY shops, green groceries, retail shops and basic administrative work including: photocopying, filing and cleaning.

Main Outcome: Independent Living

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