Indoor Activities 

Our indoor activities were created with careful consideration on how to improve the following outcomes: Education, Independent Living, Health, and Friendship.

Ball Games / Cognition Activities

Our guests will participate in select activities showing that an active, athletic lifestyle is possible. While lying, sitting, standing, walking or running, they will play in pairs or in team.

Outcome: Health

Arts & Craft

The students will be encouraged to express their feeling through painting, photography, modelling and others.

 Outcome: Health

Stretching and Relaxing

Stretching and relaxing can improve a range of motion, increase circulation, and calm the mind, as well as bring on a better night’s sleep.

Outcome: Health


According to each student needs, our students will be encouraged to do light workouts.

Main Outcome: Health

Open Theatre

Students will become aware of the capacity of their bodies, which can open up new forms of expression, discover their talents and gain confidence. 
Outcome: Friendship

X-On Games

In this class, the students will be able to spend their time learning through playing games.  
Outcome: Friendship

Reading – Shared Attention

Our students will be able to listen a story read by a professional while they create their own visualizations of the story. 

Outcome: Education

Cooking & Baking Skills

Through the steps of making pizza from grocery shopping to pulling the pie out of the oven. Our guests will learn culinary life skills from the first steps.
Outcome: Independence Living

Money Management

This class will help the student to understand different forms of money and basic budgeting tips.

Outcome: Independence Living

On-site Learning – Building Skills For Independence

Depending on student’s current capabilities, this class will provide suggestions for encouraging higher levels of independence in areas across people, places, and situations such as: shopping, cleaning, budgeting and also tenancy management.

Main Outcome: Independece Living